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State of the Nations

In the nearly two years since Covid was declared a pandemic, a lot has changed, including how you legalise your documents, the availability of services and the processes involved. We have a guide for the most popular countries that require legalisation services.

UAE - Embassy remains closed and only accepts postal applications via recorded delivery, plus you have to include recorded delivery return postage, this can add 7-10 days to an application. You can pay for the service online, and it is fully refundable.

Qatar - Embassy remains closed and is only accepting postal applications via recorded delivery and return by recorded delivery. There is also the added inconvenience of the embassy only accepting postal orders to pay for applications. This adds to the risk of losing documents in the post as there is no way to recover your costs.

China - The consulate is located in four cities in the UK and is currently on restricted hours as it has been for the last two years.

London: Tuesday and Thursday

Manchester and Edinburgh: Tuesday only

Belfast: Adhoc

There is no express service, and every service has a one-week turnaround.

Kuwait embassy is open, and they can complete services in one day.

Saudi Arabia - No longer accepts in-person legalisation requests; applicants must administrate them through a third party.

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