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ADEK Teacher Licensing Process for UK-Qualified Teachers:

Obtaining an ADEK teaching license as a UK-qualified teacher involves different steps than general applicants. Here's a tailored checklist:


  • Possess a qualified teacher status (QTS) from the UK.

  • Hold a bachelor's degree in your teaching subject from a recognised UK university.

  • Meet ADEC's English language proficiency requirement (usually IELTS or TOEFL) or be a native English speaker

  • Have a clean criminal background check which is an ICPC certificate.

  • Be medically fit for teaching.

Document Verification:

  • Submit your degree certificate, transcripts, QTS certificate, passport, and other required documents for verification.

  • Ensure your UK qualifications are verified by a notary and UK Foreign Office 

  • Get your documents attested by the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the UK.


  • While UK-qualified teachers are usually exempt from the ADEK Subject Knowledge Test (ASKT), you might need to take it depending on your subject and specific requirements.

  • You still need to pass the ADEK Professional Teaching Knowledge Test (PTKT).


  • You are usually exempt from the mandatory Initial Teacher Education Program (ITEP) due to your QTS qualification.

  • However, you might need to complete specific ADEK training modules depending on your teaching level and experience.


  • Attend an interview with an ADEK panel to assess your suitability for teaching in the UAE. This may involve discussing your UK teaching experience and adapting it to the UAE context. This is not always required.

License Issuance:

  • Upon successful completion of all steps, ADEK will issue your teaching license, valid for five years.

Additional Considerations:

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