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The Process - ADEK Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge Teacher Licencing.

Download the Abu Dhabi teacher's checklist

Step 1: Hold a bachelor's degree in education or a related field

The first requirement for a teaching license in Abu Dhabi is to hold a bachelor's degree in education or a related field from an accredited institution. This degree

serves as the foundation for your teaching career and will also be used to verify your qualifications as part of the licensing process. You will also need to submit any transcripts which accompany your certificates. 

If you are in a management position, extra qualifications such as a may be required.

Step 2: Have at least two years of teaching experience

In addition to a degree, ADEK requires that all teachers have at least two years of teaching experience. This can be in any educational setting, including public schools, private schools, or universities.

Step 3: Pass a background check

Before being licensed as a teacher in Abu Dhabi, you must pass a background check. This is to ensure that you have a clean criminal record and are suitable for working with children. This can be in the form of a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) or ACRO International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) 

Step 4: Obtain a valid work visa for the UAE. 

To work in Abu Dhabi, you must obtain a valid work visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This process typically involves obtaining a job offer from an employer in Abu Dhabi and then applying for a work visa through the appropriate government agency.

Step 5: Complete additional training or professional development

To maintain your teaching license in Abu Dhabi, you may be required to complete additional training or professional development. This can include taking courses or workshops, attending conferences, or engaging in other professional learning opportunities.



Getting a teaching license in Abu Dhabi is a multi-step process that requires a strong educational background, teaching experience, and the ability to meet other requirements. By following the steps outlined in this video, you can take the first steps toward a rewarding career as an educator in Abu Dhabi.

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