Legalisation of higher educational documents for Qatar has changed. Individual certificates CANNOT now be legalised. 

The Embassy now requires that applications for attestation must include these THREE documents-

  • Certificate or Diploma
  • Transcript
  • A  letter from the university or college containing and confirming ALL of the following points-
  • The qualification and certificates to show they are authentic.
  • Type of study (e.g. full-time, part-time, distance learning, e-learning, face to face) Note: Qatar does not generally accept online degrees.
  • The place of study and place where the examinations (if any) were held
  • The title of the certificate (Degree BSc or BA, Masters MA, or Doctorate PhD)
  • The duration of the course eg 3 year degree plus the start and end date.


What's included:

Your education certificate

1. Notarisation by a registered notary.

2. Attestation by Foreign Commonwealth Office

3. Legalisation by Qatar embassy.

First class post UK delivery to the address you stipulate.

Qatar: Education Certificate full Package

  • This is our most popular service for teachers heading abroad. We take delivery of your certificate by post and the complete the three step process of notarsation, attestatation and legalisation. You get your certificate back within 8 days of us recieving it and we update you each step of the way. 

  • Standard first class postal delivery is included in price