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Getting that Overseas Job.

The best way of securing an overseas teaching job is to let the schools come to you and it's not as unrealistic as it sounds!

Schools have limited time and limited resources when it comes to interviewing new staff. The answer for a lot of institutions is recruitment fairs and there are plenty of them!

So here's our handy guide and the all important links to some of the biggest recruitment fairs in the UK and beyond.

TES International Jobs Fair 10-11 January London. Organised and advertised by TES so expect a huge number of candidates and the schools too match. The added bonus is that most of the jobs available are posted prior to the event.

International smartMatch Fair London 17-19 January. Plus various other locations and dates. Huge fair with 60 schools plus and 21 different countries represented.

Search Associates 17-20 January and 20-22 March, London plus dates worldwide. Complex registration process but definitely worth it as a huge number of schools are present.

World Teachers 8-9 February, Manchester

One of the few based in the North with a good selection of schools.

It's worth doing your research on the schools at the event and a great place to start is International Schools Review.

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