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China Update

Is document legalisation currently possible?

All associated government departments and embassies in the UK are currently operating, making document legalisation for China possible. The number of centres now open has been reduced and there is high demand with very few appointments available.

As there have been additional steps introduced to the application process, the overall timescale has increased.

Who can take a position in China?

Recruiters are focusing their efforts on hiring staff already in China due to quarantine regulations and travel restrictions.

As of the 4th November, the Chinese Government banned travel from the UK to China for foreign citizens, including those holding residence or work permits. It’s not known when this will change.

Hiring from outside China is still possible as a forward-planning process. Additional restrictions and the need for a special invitation to be issued from the Foreign Affairs Office (FAO). Known as a 'PU letter' and it’s only possible to apply for this documentation once an official job offer has been extended from a company based in China.

Once you have a confirmed job offer, your employer can apply for the PU letter from the Government. Only once the request has been considered, and your reason for travelling to China is deemed acceptable will the letter be issued. This allows you to continue the usual process of applying for your Z-Visa in your country of residence, ready to travel once the ban lifted.

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